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The electronic cigarette industry calls for a licensing system for sale

They want to control that we only offer properties that meet certain quality requirements

The National Association of Electronic Cigarette (ANCE) has proposed Thursday that the government impose a licensing system to regulate and control product sales that we only offer properties that meet certain quality requirements.

As there is a system for watertight in the conventional snuff, the ANCE employer claimed at a press conference “the same regulation” when authorizing or not a retail market the e-cigarette .

Those responsible for ANCE and TVECA organization which groups companies in the electronic cigarette around the world have introduced a code of “self-regulation” for Spanish operators are ahead with European standards and implement measures to trade more safe and secure.

The sale of the electronic cigarette in Spain generates about 3,000 direct jobs and 4,000 indirect jobs. According to the employers, there are 800,000 “vapeadores” in Spain and 500 million worldwide.

Stop the uncontrolled sale

According to vice president of ANCE, Alejandro Rodriguez, the licensing system is designed for companies outside the sector, which would have to meet conditions in experience, quality or training. Currently, this article is offered without any control in any kind of location, from stationery to food stores, and a permit regime would avoid the irregular sale of items with ingredients of dubious quality.

A tobacconist, for example, like any other retailer could sell, but assuming the requirements of the Spanish and European standards specific to electronic cigarettes, here are the best electronic cigarette 2016 reflected in the code presented today.

These include age verification on purchases online or physical stores to verify that they are not sold to minors; the requirement that the product does not exceed a certain nicotine content or information to be attached on the packaging or on the web companies.

An adult product

In addition, Spanish companies have pledged that their electronic cigarettes are not presented in attractive formats for children or young people, “because it is an adult product” and “for those who have been smoking and want to quit.”

Rodriguez and TVECA CEO, Ray Story, have insisted that the electronic cigarette is “competition” of snuff and has no pharmacological properties . Therefore, according to the guide, business should not include related health benefits or contribution to snuff leave messages.

Regarding the recent reviews that put into question the advantages of the electronic cigarette and the case of the first patient diagnosed in Spain, in Galicia, of pneumonia associated with its consumption , Rodriguez has considered it an anecdotal issue and that is not demonstrated such a link.

Story has remarked that since 2006 have been consumed “billions” of e-cigarettes without have noticed damage against smoking “the leading cause of death”: “It’s like asking cars are banned because one has had a speeding accident “.

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