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The start-ups and companies wishing to embark on creating a website focused on e-commerce or sale over the Internet are available to platforms creation and content management, as  WordPress to design your presence online , as well as domains with the extension ‘.com’, which allow better positioning focused on Spanish public.

Through a series of conference especially dedicated to the analysis and dissemination of this information, Host Europe showed, on the one hand, the need to make the most possible measures to protect against cyberattacks web; and, secondly, a series of tips to improve “SEO”, ie, the natural positioning of the website in different search engines. Share, then some of the notes we took Abanlex professionals invited to the meeting.


The founder of Artesáns and WordPress Captain in Omitsis,  Joan Arts (@joan_artes ) , gave an overview of the plugins available for WordPress that help control the security of a website. Choose plugins that enhance protection against  malware or attacks malicious, was his advice. Joan stresses the importance of always updated versions of WordPress andplugins , it is an effective way to correct security breaches that may be appearing.

Four tips for troubleshooting the speed of the web:

  1. Check the status sel server. A server, it works in a similar way to a hard disk. Therefore, when its capacity is close to the limit, we may find that content hosted loaded more slowly than normal.
  2. Detect if there are ” slow queries “. To do this, you will need to consult the service hosting that is who can fix the problem.
  3. . Check if the site is infected There are several clues that may point to our site has been hacked ; increased foreign users, e-mails sent from our address without that have sent us, codes or ‘rare’ scripts or modified files, among others.Some of these problems are solved, usually better with the help of a professional.
  4. If you suspect a plugin is infected, delete it and download it again the official site.


Consultant OFF-ON and ex-director of Panda Security and ESET NOD32-,Yolanda Ruiz Hervas ( @yolandaruiz ) raised various councils on the need to maintain a philosophy of continuous protection of our website.

Starting with the phrase: “The total security does not exist , ” Yolanda gave us three basic guidelines to keep our secure web:

  1. Common sense in all our actions. Many situations of danger to our website can be easily avoided thinking twice before acting.
  2. Website maintenance by professionals. Not only will maintain the secure website, but we save time that can be used in other more productive things for our business.
  3. Strong passwords. Eschewing easy words to guess or passwords like “1234” or “password”.

Finally, Yolanda showed us that most attacks occur through own hostings or templates used to create the web, so it is necessary to find those that give us more confidence but the cost is somewhat higher.


Wences Garcia ( @wencesg ) , co-founder MarketGoo , talked about the positioning of the website and insisted on simplifying the online marketing .The simplification explained is based on two areas: 1) Announcements and 2) Organic. Wences reminds us that the first 5 links attract 70% of visits, the first receiving 40% of clicks. He highlighted in his speech that “the strategic SEO is dead”. He explains: “we need to focus on giving a message niche, small businesses no longer compete with larger positioning”.

The online marketing is essential to the performance of your company. You must have knowledge and belief. When in doubt (and even not there), go to a professional.

Seven SEO recommendations that you should consider:

  1. Starting study: Ten basic elements covered.
  2. First objective optimization: Care about your website; Ensures that the search result is as fast as possible.
  3. Select your topic: How and why you want to position. Create a set of keywords that define your business.
  4. Optimize your current content. It provides details.
  5. Create related content: Content value, at least once a week.
  6. Mobile: Essential that you adapt to mobile users.
  7. Increase your popularity: Expose links value and become authority. Take advantage of social proof and customer.


With the title “Beyond the online sale , ” Enrique Dans ( @edans ) showed influential technological advances today in connection with the sale online .Here is a summary of the 4 major innovations that are changing the way some companies and seo company bangkok adapt to the needs of their consumers;

  1. The Dash Button Amazon, automated ordering online purchase with arrival of the product in physical form. These ‘buttons Seattle’ have wifi and are connected to your Amazon account. We could say that is technology with high fidelity by the buyer.
  2. The Kiva Robot , also from Amazon. Some small orange robots alone expedite the movement of goods store shelves Amazon, which enables the delivery of millions of products to consumers more quickly and efficiently.
  3. The Gatorade Mission Control, a specific software that allows you to monitor everything that is said of the brand in real time. Six monitors and five marketers behind some screens are able to discern the feeling, content, importance, frequency and status of all mentions on social networks.
  4. The chatbot, artificial intelligence that interprets what a client says and offers the most human response possible.Until today only chatbot has passed the Turing test; which determines the ability of the machine to display a behavior equivalent intelligent indistinguishable or a human.


If you want to maintain your presence online safe from legal attacks by third parties, if you want to build confidence in suppliers and customers attraction, we suggest you go one step ahead of what the law requires. Fret for advanced performance or  compliance .

In Abanlex, since our inception, we protect businesses helping them to meet the requirements and proposing concrete action that allow them to always stand out in the forefront guides. Please contact us for more information .

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