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Security on your website is vital for SEO

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Yes, it is true, those who are dedicated to be specialist in digital marketing and aspects of SEO, we are very aware of what makes Google with its algorithms, the latest in social networks, and usability, persuadability and many other finishes terms “dad “or” lity “if we write in English.

But sometimes we forget some basic things that can ruin all thought our positioning strategy, because we forget the basics.

And what are the basics?

For the basics is hosting, and is the code of our own website. That is the first thing we do before the rest of things, can be a source, and indeed it is, many problems if we do not pay due attention.

We have developed our brand new site that looks great on mobile because it has a perfect responsive design, follows the standards of usability, and we care even the smallest aspect of onpage brisbane seo. If we decide to make an Adwords campaign and ads are relevant, sure we got a very high level of quality. In addition, we are determined to position the site, and have created a blog section where we hung practically news every day. Perfect, that’s fine. But the days pass, and continue creating content, the months pass, and continue creating content, but surely no security updates for plugins we are using, extensions, modules, or whatever they are called in the CMS that we used to build our site. And sooner or later our site, which looks look great and meets all standards of design, is outdated from a technical standpoint and safety, and here come the problems. Or just the file permissions were not properly defined on the server and hackers have used the hole to make theirs.

Not always we are attacked we learn why; sometimes maybe we note that our website is slower than usual, or perhaps there appeared some weird link that has happened unnoticed; until finally the website redirects to another page, or antivirus shift makes alarm bells ringing when trying to access any page of this website. Then we landed and we realize we have a serious problem, then surely we are listed on a lot of websites by spamming practices and God knows how many other things that neither knew they were going.

Identifying Problems

The first step in solving a problem, or better, prevent it from happening, even partially, it is the identification of problems. A good place to start is mxtoolbox:

Checking blacklist

On this website we can do many tests, but initially we will check if we are on a blacklist, and if so to know why. So we put in the box our domain or our IP address to see if there are any problems. We recommend to double-check both the domain you want to look like for the IP address, because if our website is on a shared hosting will be many other domains on the same IP, and may our domain is not blacklisted but another of the same IP address if it is, and we also will affect, even for positioning.

Checking blacklist

In our case we are not on any list, which is a very good sign, but not to be trusted. In any case, if we appear in any of them, usually they allow us to make the deletion automatically, but first we must eliminate the problem. From this website we can see the information about why we have been listed here. The most common case is that our website files are infected with a Trojan.

But is this not the hosting provider is responsible?

One moment, I have my typical web hosting as Godaddy, Arsys, 1 & 1, or the like. Do not they all these things are responsible? For you not have to. Each company has its ways, but the virus usually an option at extra cost, not to mention the firewall application, etc. So if you are in a form of shared hosting, because if really needed more sizing and have hired a VPS solely responsible for everything 100% you. So no, do not trust the hosting provider. Keep in mind that the website code you handle it, and if it has vulnerabilities is not that your supplier will assume, it is that even can reach cancelarte account.

Second overall check

If we got here and we’re not on any blacklist, things not bad, but not to be trusted. We may have been victims of injecting malicious code on our website and not be aware of it, but nevertheless will be there. To check these cases, a good place to check is the Sucuri Site Check .By simply entering our domain, Sucuri all our pages scanned for malicious code in executable file.

Check website

If you find any code, will tell you the exact file and the point where it is so that if you have access via FTP, you can directly edit the file and remove the malicious code. Just do yourself a copy if make a mistake and try to document the entire process to retrace your steps.

And completing the process …

If you’ve gotten this far, you might think that you are set free from problems. Your website is already well loaded, no redirects, and understand that you have solved the issue. Well, maybe it not, is that Sucuri will not detect all the problems that exist on your website. For that, you need an antivirus that tracks your files for possible trojans and other malicious codes in files that do not have access Sucuri.

And here it is where come some problems. In a shared hosting, although it is rare that you have a generic virus because the hosting provider itself usually monitor the health of the server to complete to provide the service, you will not be able to run any antivirus program that is not previously authorized by your supplier and inserted into the typical administration panel that usually put at your disposal; or directly a payment option for an additional monthly cost.

In a VPS things change. You have absolute control, although it is also true that you configure everything and threats are greater if you do not control either server processes. But you have more power and your websites load much faster, which will significantly affect the web positioning.

So you decide. If you decant for the latter option, there are some essential that can not miss, such as a system firewall, antivirus, and firewall applications, which is not the same as the system firewall and we will see in another post.


The good server and website is critical to be operational and that our reputation not look resentful. If the web is our brand and image, a web marked on all existing blacklists and is detected as a threat by antivirus negatively affect our computer. Not to mention Google, which sees everything, everything values, and all scored on their algorithm. Or not?

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