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Computer Security in the media

No, I do not mean to mass media such as newspapers and television news, where we know how precisely relate the facts related to computer security, when rarely do. Today I would like to write about the entertainment media, including film and television, dealing about a fictional level.

First let ‘s review what we have enjoyed in theaters. Many of us comes to mind nostalgic movie War Games as one of the pioneers of the genre, where we could see the chicanery of a young adolescent who allowed him to enter the network of a military complex advised by the endearing WOPR, and of course , accessing it with a primitive modem connected to the line via an acoustic coupler.
In those days and our age (I am late Generation X), we tragábamos all of pe to pa, and is it really, and to the advances of the time, I think had a fairly credible argument that left us hooked, and we did (at least: P) our little programs in BASIC Locomotive our CPC simulating a conversation with the WOPR (even could run a program into machine code that simulated your voice synthesizer).
Of course, others are thrilled with this telematics, following paths hours of “surfing” on Ibertex, their parents would propinaban a good campion by the vendor invoice ends meet.They spent a few years of relative vacuum (can be considered Jumping Jack Flash ? as belonging to the genus) until, in 1995, there was a small boom, daring the big – screen two films of the genre: Hackers and Network . at this time, we had already moved from the BBS (not all and I know) to Compuserve or the like, which opened the door to internet. Yahoo that time reigned over other search engines like Altavista and, incredibly, Google had not been born.
The truth is that the propitious environment (in USA we took the lead in Internet accessibility) was given to making putlocker movies, and much more inventive than before. It is at this point where the writers, in a display of creativity and with very few or no knowledge of computer security, were launched head to fill with “cool” phrases dialogues intrepid actors and actresses, giving little importance to the accuracy of the terms used. of course, a neophyte public matter could neither tell whether you would beinterested in talking about hackers, crackers or juankers, so entertainment was guaranteed.
It is at this time where it is decided that computers need time to draw on the screen in 80×25 text, while appearing very complex 4D magically desktops in the blink of an eye. This screen drawing produced pitidillos, and computers could be shut down as soon as you finished typing. After this prolific year, some films followed, but certainly we are not erased from the mind that 2003 where we saw in The Matrix Reloaded that wonderful frame with a run nmap with their arguments perfectly placed, and an exploit against OpenSSH executed under an environment * NIX totally believable (bueeeno, the blip of drawing the screen gives you dramatic, like the strings screeching in a scene from a horror movie ). As you can see , Insecure is proud of the appearance of the tool on the big screen. To end the film, we must not overlook Die Hard 4 , of which wehave spoken on the blog .
Although it has many fantastical components (ie, that if we stick to what we see we all burst outlaughing), has a relatively credible background, but unfortunately I did not, years ago, an Amiga to play mayhem . In advance of my next post, and on the recommendation of a colleague (thanks Patxi), I leave the link to a series about a team of “crackers” that looks good: Tiger team . Unfortunately only episodes were released and has not been followed with her, a we experiment. And now I would like recomendárais me those films that have left you marked, for better or worse. Are ye analytical to see films of this genre? Are you curious itches tragaros any snafu comes out about it ? To me yes, the truth, the last I saw left me with a bad taste after such a fantastic first half.

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