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Computer Security in the media

No, I do not mean to mass media such as newspapers and television news, where we know how precisely relate the facts related to computer security, when rarely do. Today I would like to write about the entertainment media, including film and television, dealing about a fictional level.

First let ‘s review what we have enjoyed in theaters. Many of us comes to mind nostalgic movie War Games as one of the pioneers of the genre, where we could see the chicanery of a young adolescent who allowed him to enter the network of a military complex advised by the endearing WOPR, and of course , accessing it with a primitive modem connected to the line via an acoustic coupler.
In those days and our age (I am late Generation X), we tragábamos all of pe to pa, and is it really, and to the advances of the time, I think had a fairly credible argument that left us hooked, and we did (at least: P) our little programs in BASIC Locomotive our CPC simulating a conversation with the WOPR (even could run a program into machine code that simulated your voice synthesizer).
Of course, others are thrilled with this telematics, following paths hours of “surfing” on Ibertex, their parents would propinaban a good campion by the vendor invoice ends meet.They spent a few years of relative vacuum (can be considered Jumping Jack Flash ? as belonging to the genus) until, in 1995, there was a small boom, daring the big – screen two films of the genre: Hackers and Network . at this time, we had already moved from the BBS (not all and I know) to Compuserve or the like, which opened the door to internet. Yahoo that time reigned over other search engines like Altavista and, incredibly, Google had not been born.
The truth is that the propitious environment (in USA we took the lead in Internet accessibility) was given to making putlocker movies, and much more inventive than before. It is at this point where the writers, in a display of creativity and with very few or no knowledge of computer security, were launched head to fill with “cool” phrases dialogues intrepid actors and actresses, giving little importance to the accuracy of the terms used. of course, a neophyte public matter could neither tell whether you would beinterested in talking about hackers, crackers or juankers, so entertainment was guaranteed.
It is at this time where it is decided that computers need time to draw on the screen in 80×25 text, while appearing very complex 4D magically desktops in the blink of an eye. This screen drawing produced pitidillos, and computers could be shut down as soon as you finished typing. After this prolific year, some films followed, but certainly we are not erased from the mind that 2003 where we saw in The Matrix Reloaded that wonderful frame with a run nmap with their arguments perfectly placed, and an exploit against OpenSSH executed under an environment * NIX totally believable (bueeeno, the blip of drawing the screen gives you dramatic, like the strings screeching in a scene from a horror movie ). As you can see , Insecure is proud of the appearance of the tool on the big screen. To end the film, we must not overlook Die Hard 4 , of which wehave spoken on the blog .
Although it has many fantastical components (ie, that if we stick to what we see we all burst outlaughing), has a relatively credible background, but unfortunately I did not, years ago, an Amiga to play mayhem . In advance of my next post, and on the recommendation of a colleague (thanks Patxi), I leave the link to a series about a team of “crackers” that looks good: Tiger team . Unfortunately only episodes were released and has not been followed with her, a we experiment. And now I would like recomendárais me those films that have left you marked, for better or worse. Are ye analytical to see films of this genre? Are you curious itches tragaros any snafu comes out about it ? To me yes, the truth, the last I saw left me with a bad taste after such a fantastic first half.


The start-ups and companies wishing to embark on creating a website focused on e-commerce or sale over the Internet are available to platforms creation and content management, as  WordPress to design your presence online , as well as domains with the extension ‘.com’, which allow better positioning focused on Spanish public.

Through a series of conference especially dedicated to the analysis and dissemination of this information, Host Europe showed, on the one hand, the need to make the most possible measures to protect against cyberattacks web; and, secondly, a series of tips to improve “SEO”, ie, the natural positioning of the website in different search engines. Share, then some of the notes we took Abanlex professionals invited to the meeting.


The founder of Artesáns and WordPress Captain in Omitsis,  Joan Arts (@joan_artes ) , gave an overview of the plugins available for WordPress that help control the security of a website. Choose plugins that enhance protection against  malware or attacks malicious, was his advice. Joan stresses the importance of always updated versions of WordPress andplugins , it is an effective way to correct security breaches that may be appearing.

Four tips for troubleshooting the speed of the web:

  1. Check the status sel server. A server, it works in a similar way to a hard disk. Therefore, when its capacity is close to the limit, we may find that content hosted loaded more slowly than normal.
  2. Detect if there are ” slow queries “. To do this, you will need to consult the service hosting that is who can fix the problem.
  3. . Check if the site is infected There are several clues that may point to our site has been hacked ; increased foreign users, e-mails sent from our address without that have sent us, codes or ‘rare’ scripts or modified files, among others.Some of these problems are solved, usually better with the help of a professional.
  4. If you suspect a plugin is infected, delete it and download it again the official site.


Consultant OFF-ON and ex-director of Panda Security and ESET NOD32-,Yolanda Ruiz Hervas ( @yolandaruiz ) raised various councils on the need to maintain a philosophy of continuous protection of our website.

Starting with the phrase: “The total security does not exist , ” Yolanda gave us three basic guidelines to keep our secure web:

  1. Common sense in all our actions. Many situations of danger to our website can be easily avoided thinking twice before acting.
  2. Website maintenance by professionals. Not only will maintain the secure website, but we save time that can be used in other more productive things for our business.
  3. Strong passwords. Eschewing easy words to guess or passwords like “1234” or “password”.

Finally, Yolanda showed us that most attacks occur through own hostings or templates used to create the web, so it is necessary to find those that give us more confidence but the cost is somewhat higher.


Wences Garcia ( @wencesg ) , co-founder MarketGoo , talked about the positioning of the website and insisted on simplifying the online marketing .The simplification explained is based on two areas: 1) Announcements and 2) Organic. Wences reminds us that the first 5 links attract 70% of visits, the first receiving 40% of clicks. He highlighted in his speech that “the strategic SEO is dead”. He explains: “we need to focus on giving a message niche, small businesses no longer compete with larger positioning”.

The online marketing is essential to the performance of your company. You must have knowledge and belief. When in doubt (and even not there), go to a professional.

Seven SEO recommendations that you should consider:

  1. Starting study: Ten basic elements covered.
  2. First objective optimization: Care about your website; Ensures that the search result is as fast as possible.
  3. Select your topic: How and why you want to position. Create a set of keywords that define your business.
  4. Optimize your current content. It provides details.
  5. Create related content: Content value, at least once a week.
  6. Mobile: Essential that you adapt to mobile users.
  7. Increase your popularity: Expose links value and become authority. Take advantage of social proof and customer.


With the title “Beyond the online sale , ” Enrique Dans ( @edans ) showed influential technological advances today in connection with the sale online .Here is a summary of the 4 major innovations that are changing the way some companies and seo company bangkok adapt to the needs of their consumers;

  1. The Dash Button Amazon, automated ordering online purchase with arrival of the product in physical form. These ‘buttons Seattle’ have wifi and are connected to your Amazon account. We could say that is technology with high fidelity by the buyer.
  2. The Kiva Robot , also from Amazon. Some small orange robots alone expedite the movement of goods store shelves Amazon, which enables the delivery of millions of products to consumers more quickly and efficiently.
  3. The Gatorade Mission Control, a specific software that allows you to monitor everything that is said of the brand in real time. Six monitors and five marketers behind some screens are able to discern the feeling, content, importance, frequency and status of all mentions on social networks.
  4. The chatbot, artificial intelligence that interprets what a client says and offers the most human response possible.Until today only chatbot has passed the Turing test; which determines the ability of the machine to display a behavior equivalent intelligent indistinguishable or a human.


If you want to maintain your presence online safe from legal attacks by third parties, if you want to build confidence in suppliers and customers attraction, we suggest you go one step ahead of what the law requires. Fret for advanced performance or  compliance .

In Abanlex, since our inception, we protect businesses helping them to meet the requirements and proposing concrete action that allow them to always stand out in the forefront guides. Please contact us for more information .

The computer does not work with WPA2 security

The computer does not work with WPA2 security

Your computer and the security of your router must support WPA2 for security scheme work. (Thomas Northcut / Photodisc / Getty Images)

The security WPA2 is one of the options most protection available for wireless networks. It is designed with longer encryption keys to hinder access of hackers to the network. If you can not connect to a network of Internet wireless WPA2 enabled system, the problem may lie in the hardware of your computer or your own Internet service. In any case, call Cyber Security Portal for the solve as soon as possible.

Wireless settings
If your computer does not allow you to connect to a network with WPA2 security, your wireless settings might be the problem. Because most computers hidden passwords for wireless session start, recheck the password, paying attention to capital and characters. Make sure the security WPA2 is selected in the drop-down box. If you choose the wrong type of security, your computer can not connect to the router.

Wireless card
Computers that come with wireless networking capabilities incorporated tend to support most types of security. If you modified your computer by adding a wireless adapter and you can not connect to a WPA2 network, the card could be the problem. Some older wireless cards do not support WPA2 security. In this case, you must replace the wireless adapter with one that is designed to support the latest security protocol.
Drivers and firmware
If your wireless adapter drivers or firmware on the router are obsolete, they can hinder the ability of the computer to connect to a WPA2 network. The latest drivers are available for download on the websites of manufacturers. Update your computer software can also enable it to communicate with the wireless adapter. On a PC, choose the module update “Windows Update” from the “Start” menu. On a Mac, choose “Software Update” in the “Apple” menu.

Wireless utility
For computers running Windows, the wireless utility controls the way in which you connect to the Internet. If this utility is obsolete or damaged, it can cause problems connecting to a network. In Windows XP, for example, difficulties to connect to WPA2 networks are known issues. Wireless capabilities come with service pack updates; to find the latest updates, visit the Microsoft Download Center.

Security on your website is vital for SEO

broken server

Yes, it is true, those who are dedicated to be specialist in digital marketing and aspects of SEO, we are very aware of what makes Google with its algorithms, the latest in social networks, and usability, persuadability and many other finishes terms “dad “or” lity “if we write in English.

But sometimes we forget some basic things that can ruin all thought our positioning strategy, because we forget the basics.

And what are the basics?

For the basics is hosting, and is the code of our own website. That is the first thing we do before the rest of things, can be a source, and indeed it is, many problems if we do not pay due attention.

We have developed our brand new site that looks great on mobile because it has a perfect responsive design, follows the standards of usability, and we care even the smallest aspect of onpage brisbane seo. If we decide to make an Adwords campaign and ads are relevant, sure we got a very high level of quality. In addition, we are determined to position the site, and have created a blog section where we hung practically news every day. Perfect, that’s fine. But the days pass, and continue creating content, the months pass, and continue creating content, but surely no security updates for plugins we are using, extensions, modules, or whatever they are called in the CMS that we used to build our site. And sooner or later our site, which looks look great and meets all standards of design, is outdated from a technical standpoint and safety, and here come the problems. Or just the file permissions were not properly defined on the server and hackers have used the hole to make theirs.

Not always we are attacked we learn why; sometimes maybe we note that our website is slower than usual, or perhaps there appeared some weird link that has happened unnoticed; until finally the website redirects to another page, or antivirus shift makes alarm bells ringing when trying to access any page of this website. Then we landed and we realize we have a serious problem, then surely we are listed on a lot of websites by spamming practices and God knows how many other things that neither knew they were going.

Identifying Problems

The first step in solving a problem, or better, prevent it from happening, even partially, it is the identification of problems. A good place to start is mxtoolbox:

Checking blacklist

On this website we can do many tests, but initially we will check if we are on a blacklist, and if so to know why. So we put in the box our domain or our IP address to see if there are any problems. We recommend to double-check both the domain you want to look like for the IP address, because if our website is on a shared hosting will be many other domains on the same IP, and may our domain is not blacklisted but another of the same IP address if it is, and we also will affect, even for positioning.

Checking blacklist

In our case we are not on any list, which is a very good sign, but not to be trusted. In any case, if we appear in any of them, usually they allow us to make the deletion automatically, but first we must eliminate the problem. From this website we can see the information about why we have been listed here. The most common case is that our website files are infected with a Trojan.

But is this not the hosting provider is responsible?

One moment, I have my typical web hosting as Godaddy, Arsys, 1 & 1, or the like. Do not they all these things are responsible? For you not have to. Each company has its ways, but the virus usually an option at extra cost, not to mention the firewall application, etc. So if you are in a form of shared hosting, because if really needed more sizing and have hired a VPS solely responsible for everything 100% you. So no, do not trust the hosting provider. Keep in mind that the website code you handle it, and if it has vulnerabilities is not that your supplier will assume, it is that even can reach cancelarte account.

Second overall check

If we got here and we’re not on any blacklist, things not bad, but not to be trusted. We may have been victims of injecting malicious code on our website and not be aware of it, but nevertheless will be there. To check these cases, a good place to check is the Sucuri Site Check .By simply entering our domain, Sucuri all our pages scanned for malicious code in executable file.

Check website

If you find any code, will tell you the exact file and the point where it is so that if you have access via FTP, you can directly edit the file and remove the malicious code. Just do yourself a copy if make a mistake and try to document the entire process to retrace your steps.

And completing the process …

If you’ve gotten this far, you might think that you are set free from problems. Your website is already well loaded, no redirects, and understand that you have solved the issue. Well, maybe it not, is that Sucuri will not detect all the problems that exist on your website. For that, you need an antivirus that tracks your files for possible trojans and other malicious codes in files that do not have access Sucuri.

And here it is where come some problems. In a shared hosting, although it is rare that you have a generic virus because the hosting provider itself usually monitor the health of the server to complete to provide the service, you will not be able to run any antivirus program that is not previously authorized by your supplier and inserted into the typical administration panel that usually put at your disposal; or directly a payment option for an additional monthly cost.

In a VPS things change. You have absolute control, although it is also true that you configure everything and threats are greater if you do not control either server processes. But you have more power and your websites load much faster, which will significantly affect the web positioning.

So you decide. If you decant for the latter option, there are some essential that can not miss, such as a system firewall, antivirus, and firewall applications, which is not the same as the system firewall and we will see in another post.


The good server and website is critical to be operational and that our reputation not look resentful. If the web is our brand and image, a web marked on all existing blacklists and is detected as a threat by antivirus negatively affect our computer. Not to mention Google, which sees everything, everything values, and all scored on their algorithm. Or not?

The electronic cigarette industry calls for a licensing system for sale

They want to control that we only offer properties that meet certain quality requirements

The National Association of Electronic Cigarette (ANCE) has proposed Thursday that the government impose a licensing system to regulate and control product sales that we only offer properties that meet certain quality requirements.

As there is a system for watertight in the conventional snuff, the ANCE employer claimed at a press conference “the same regulation” when authorizing or not a retail market the e-cigarette .

Those responsible for ANCE and TVECA organization which groups companies in the electronic cigarette around the world have introduced a code of “self-regulation” for Spanish operators are ahead with European standards and implement measures to trade more safe and secure.

The sale of the electronic cigarette in Spain generates about 3,000 direct jobs and 4,000 indirect jobs. According to the employers, there are 800,000 “vapeadores” in Spain and 500 million worldwide.

Stop the uncontrolled sale

According to vice president of ANCE, Alejandro Rodriguez, the licensing system is designed for companies outside the sector, which would have to meet conditions in experience, quality or training. Currently, this article is offered without any control in any kind of location, from stationery to food stores, and a permit regime would avoid the irregular sale of items with ingredients of dubious quality.

A tobacconist, for example, like any other retailer could sell, but assuming the requirements of the Spanish and European standards specific to electronic cigarettes, here are the best electronic cigarette 2016 reflected in the code presented today.

These include age verification on purchases online or physical stores to verify that they are not sold to minors; the requirement that the product does not exceed a certain nicotine content or information to be attached on the packaging or on the web companies.

An adult product

In addition, Spanish companies have pledged that their electronic cigarettes are not presented in attractive formats for children or young people, “because it is an adult product” and “for those who have been smoking and want to quit.”

Rodriguez and TVECA CEO, Ray Story, have insisted that the electronic cigarette is “competition” of snuff and has no pharmacological properties . Therefore, according to the guide, business should not include related health benefits or contribution to snuff leave messages.

Regarding the recent reviews that put into question the advantages of the electronic cigarette and the case of the first patient diagnosed in Spain, in Galicia, of pneumonia associated with its consumption , Rodriguez has considered it an anecdotal issue and that is not demonstrated such a link.

Story has remarked that since 2006 have been consumed “billions” of e-cigarettes without have noticed damage against smoking “the leading cause of death”: “It’s like asking cars are banned because one has had a speeding accident “.

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